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Man On A Mission

Dr. Amsu immigrated to the United States and set up a practice in Atlanta. Appalled by the extent and severity of poor health in the Black community, he immediately began teaching the benefits of natural diets and herbal remedies as an alternative to processed foods and synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Practicing for over 20 years in the Atlanta community, Dr. Amsu successfully assisted thousands of people in reversing the symptoms of chronic, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, uterine fibroids, hypertension and reproductive disorders. His clients include athletes, celebrities and members of the Hip Hop community. He’s spoken about the systemic malnutrition of People of Color on numerous media platforms including The Breakfast Club, Roland Martin, Sway In The Morning and Sister Circle.

Today Dr. Amsu is the CEO of Electric pHood and Chairman of the Electric Health Foundation. In 2020 he founded The Great Black Detox and The Great Black 14 Day Detox Challenge to bring awareness to the Ethnogenetic reality that the Standard American Diet is toxic to Black people.  

He leads The Great Black Virtual Clinic – the first global virtual health clinic specializing in the nutritional and medicinal needs of People of Color. Each week hundreds of people attend his free online consultations.

Dr. Amsu is the drum major of a global movement within the Diaspora that challenges the medical industrial complex and the violation of their Hippocratic oath: to do no harm.   He is a man with one goal, with one aim: To free Black people from the slavery of poor health.

The Great Black Detox Mobile App

The community that fasts together stays together. Dr. Amsu and Michael Lartey developed the GBD Mobile app to support the community of GBD Detox groups. The app currently has over 2875 active users who use the app as a guide for their detox protocols, meal plans and to document and share their experience with family and friends.



While acknowledging the obvious impact of systemic racism and institutional bias, Dr. Amsu and Michael Lartey are among the few doctors and activists brave enough to address the 800 lb pink gorilla in the room that the pundits seem to ignore: Racism is not 100% of the problem.

Dr. Amsu -
The Journey Begins

While a college student in London, Dr. Amsu spent a summer at home helping his mother heal after a hysterectomy. He was shocked when he realized this procedure put his mom at increased risk of blood clots, hemorrhages and even early menopause. 

Witnessing this powerful woman weakened and made ill by a surgery that may not have been necessary had a profound impact on this young man. When he learned Black women are prescribed hysterectomies at twice the rate of other women he asked questions that eventually grew into a quest.

Amsu completed his Bachelor’s degree in Endocrinology & Metabolism at the University of London. After becoming an Endocrinologist, he continued his studies and became a nutrient therapist, an herbalist, a teacher, a practitioner of martial arts and an expert in Medical Qi Gong.

Michael Lartey -
Making Things Happen

Michael “Mr. Breaks” Lartey is a co-founder and an executive officer of electric Health, electric pHood, and their associated companies.

An experienced business owner and program director, he has managed large-scale projects for multiple fortune 500 companies and driven successful global initiatives across numerous industry sectors, including healthcare, telecommunications, transport, and hospitality. He has successfully managed the growth, stabilization, and emergence of electric pHood.

They are fast becoming one of the leading nutritional health companies whose focus is on bridging the disproportionate illness rates among Black communities.

Mr. Breaks adds a dynamic edge to his role as COO. He lends his experience as a broadcaster, public speaker, and entertainer to spearheading the company’s public face alongside Dr. Amsu, who himself is an experienced orator.


Women of Color and The Battle For Their Reproductive Health

For over a decade Dr. Amsu battled to protect the reproductive rights of Women of Color. He recognized early in his practice that Black women suffered fibroids more frequently and suffered more severe symptoms than other women. He rejected the notion that this was simply a function of “genetics” and he explored the connections between ethnogenetic toxicity, nutrient therapy and Vitamin D deficiency.

Consequently he has helped literally thousands of women of color reduce and dissolve uterine fibroids without invasive surgery or toxic chemicals.