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electric pHood™️ has a single overarching goal: to give the world access to the best health possible through the right nutrition, products and services whilst giving our members an opportunity to grow healthy both physically & mentally. With membership you can have your favorite supplements conveniently delivered to you as often as you like, electric pHood™ has two levels of membership Power Plus and Power Max.


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Whether you are newly embarking or well on your journey to a better managed and lasting healthy lifestyle, having a partner you can trust and that understands you and your needs is valuable. Being able to source the right supplements, services and information are also important tools in navigating the ever more complex and profit-driven world of health, food, exercise and nutrition.

Become “Powered Up” and gain that partner you undoubtedly need when you sign up to electric pHood’s membership and loyalty program. You will be joining a network of thousands of people just like you as well as access to a vast knowledge base of information tailored with YOU in mind.

Learn from the best in the game through our network of Nutrient Therapists, MDs, Nurse Practitioners, Health and fitness professionals and programs, mental health and lifestyle coaches, affiliates, partners and 3rd party vendors. But most importantly, learn and share with people just like you via our online testimonials, reviews and case studies.

Get preferential treatment when purchasing products and services or access to physical or online events.

All of this at no cost to you. Simply sign up to participate in the membership program and we will even reward you by auto enrolling you into our “Power Points” loyalty program where you will earn credit for your purchases and interactions with us and our partners which can be redeemed for discounts and money off on purchases on www.electricpHood.com. More offers extend to our partners too.

It’s all about commitment. You are committed to your health goals and we are committed to helping you achieve them. Partner with us and we will commit to not only providing you with the best quality sourced products and services, but our collective purchasing power means we can share and extend discounts and service optimization to all our members. That’s you.

How It Works

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Fully charge your life with a paid electric pHood “Power Plus” or “Power Max” membership.

For those people who are serious about their health goals and have a roadmap to achieve them, they need a system to ensure they receive the best quality products and services, but at an affordable price.

The standing discounts of 15-30% and exclusive priority access to coaching and training materials make paid membership a no brainer. Here’s an example of how a small monthly or yearly commitment to a paid “Power” plan has its benefits.

Let’s say you have a health condition or goal that requires a course of action that will take a few months or longer of the best quality supplements, meal plans and information from electric pHood. This can be quite expensive, right? Well, let’s do the math…

Based on a 2oz. HerElimination™ protocol – Over 3 months without membership, this would cost approximately $1,050.00 not including shipping and handling. However, at ”Power Max” level, you will save 30% Discount or $315 OFF your purchase and receive free shipping if using USPS (domestic United States). That’s a combined saving over $325 for an annual commitment of $199. At “Power Plus” level, those savings would be $157.00 for a monthly commitment of just $9.99. And that’s just based on a single purchase. Imagine the additional savings you’ll enjoy as you continue to convert your lifestyle and eradicate your ailments.

Simple and Flexible Pricing

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Power Plus

$55 / year
  • FREE Newsletters
  • FREE Podcasts*
  • 15% OFF Meal Plans
  • 15% OFF Books & Publications
  • 15% OFF Healing Kits & Programs
  • 15% OFF Herbal Supplements
  • 10% OFF Masterclasses*
  • 10% OFF Consultations*