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Provides the body with resveratrol-enriched nutrients so that it can purge the dormant herpes virus from the nerve cells. The nutrient purpose is to cleanse, reconstruct and repair brain and central nervous system cells (neurons)

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  1. Patrice

    I wish I found this protocol years ago. It’s taken only 7 months for my tests to come back negative

  2. Dyna

    I just can’t believe it. My HSV2 test came back negative. My levels were 4.69 before I started HELP 10 months ago. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  3. Antoine

    Herpes is gone. No more outbreaks

  4. Safiyyah

    Wallahi!!! HSV1 and cold sores gone gone gone

  5. Andre

    I no longer get cold sores after using the HELP products

  6. Simone


  7. Jade

    Herpes free!! After only 4 months

  8. Ari

    9 months and testing negative. HELP is the truth!!!

  9. Asha

    I caught herpes from my ex-boyfriend cheating. I thought my life was over. I tested herpes negative after just 9 months on HELP

  10. Tara

    No more embarrassing cold sores after using this product

  11. Kori

    No herpes. No cap!!!

  12. Makini

    GBD saved my life. Herpes free…I can try for my baby now

  13. Shavon

    I tested positive for HSV1 and HSV2 even though my breakouts were only like once or twice per year. I haven’t had a breakout in 18 months and both tests are negative!!!

  14. Osha

    It took 2 years but I’m finally testing negative, no breakouts. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  15. Darrin

    No cold sores for over a year now and counting

  16. Philicia

    No breakouts for over 8 months. I’m waiting for another 4 months before testing…fingers crossed!

  17. Anne

    I thought my sex life was over, but now I’m negative after taking the HELP supplements for 1 year

  18. Carol

    Cold sores are no more, YAY!!!

  19. Sheldon

    I’m so happy my ex put me on to help. I just tested negative for both HSV1 and 2 and it’s only been 5 months

  20. Asia

    It works! I have been taking the supplements for 7 months and I’m testing negative

  21. Milton

    After about 2 months my breakouts stopped, and now after 8 months I’m negative

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