Tumor Elimination


  • Supports Cell Growth and Cell reproduction
  • Supports the Immune System
  • Helps in elimination of all types of tumors


What is ONCOGEN?

If our cells do not function properly, it can lead to numerous health issues.The growth of tumors can be indicative of damaged or mutated cells. Tumors are abnormal masses of tissue that result when cells divide more than they should or do not die when they should. Benign or noncancerous tumors are known as lipomas, while  malignant or cancerous tumors are known as neoplasms.

Mutated cells can develop for a number of reasons. Carcinogens, toxins that cause cancer, in our environment can cause cells to mutate and form tumors. Carcinogens can include toxins like air pollution, cleaning chemicals, and plastics, but can also include foods such red meats, processed foods, and BBQ. Tumors can occur in all parts of the body and many times can lead to fatal cancers if left untreated. When cells begin to mutate, our body’s immune system kicks in as the first line of defence to kill off cancerous cells. But when our immune systems don’t work properly or efficiently, such as with many Americans that are immunocompromised due to the lack of nutrition from our diets, it is unable to stop tumors from developing and the risk of cancer increases. Because there is no way to completely avoid all carcinogens, it is important that our bodies’ cells are healthy enough to defend against cancer causing toxins.

Oncogen is the all natural plant based supplement that helps the body to maintain a functional immune system and assists the body’s ability to control cell growth and division. Made with the highest quality cat’s claw, sanicle, and soursop, Oncogen helps your body eliminate mutated cells as well as provide nutrients that help cells defend against carcinogens. If you already suffer from tumors, benign or malignant, then Oncogen is the formula that you need to eliminate tumors and restore healthy cell growth and reproduction. Try Oncogen now for optimal cell health and tumor prevention!


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