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About the Great Black Sex Detox

There is a remarkable increase in confirmed reports of sexual dysfunction among both men and women.

Around 18 million American men suffers erectile dysfunction (inability to achieve or sustain an erection) and African american are more likely to experience this condition.

Among African American woman, it is estimated that around 33% of adult female black women cannot reach an orgasm.

While erectile dysfunction is at the forefront, and the obvious anomaly within male sexual dysfunction, female sexual disorders are steadily growing.. Through years of
research we have uncovered the root cause of male and female sexual dysfunction. We have formulated a most powerful all natural protocol that actually
completely reverses this embarrassing, yet serious condition for Men and Women.

This protocol includes:

  • The Sex Fix Manual & Meal Plan eBook
    • Over 60 recipes
  • electric Health Qi Gong for Reproductive Organs eBook
  • The following electric pHood herbal supplements in liquid elixir form to be taken 2 to 3 times a day:
    • VENUS OR VIRILITY (one 2oz bottle)
      • Venus (female):
        • reverses female erectile dysfunction
        • inhibits estrogen
        • promotes progesterone
        • promotes testosterone
        • increases natural lubrication
        • increases vaginal mucosa
        • amplifies libido
        • improves general energy levels
        • increases fertility
      • Virility (male)
        • reverses erectile dysfunction
        • increases sperm count
        • inhibits estrogen
        • promotes free testosterone
        • increases muscle mass
        • improves muscle tone
        • increases energy
        • amplifies libido and virility
        • reverses prostatitis
    • DEEP VEIN:
      • reverses hypertension
      • reverses vascular inflammation
      • reverses atherosclerosis
      • eliminates deep vein thrombosis, blood clots and hematomas
      • eliminates varicose and spider veins


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