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The Great Black Virus Detox™

The electric pHood™ all-natural system to support the body’s defenses against all viruses including all human coronaviruses, minimizing the risk of severe acute and chronic respiratory diseases, syndromes and infections.

Washing your hands and social distancing is a great first line of defense, but what happens if the virus does get into your system. Oh, and hand sanitizer and that flimsy face mask you bought won’t do the trick either. Hand sanitizer is actually not the way to go, as they strip your hands of their natural layer of protection.

Antibiotics, Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) will not protect or cure a virus. Lemon and ginger tea, although, a comforting beverage will not help stave off those pesky little crown-wearing viruses either.

So, what happens if your barriers are breached?

Well, your body now has to fight with all the tools it has.

Minimize Your Risk from respiratory complications with our Great Black Virus Detox™ – Stave off attempts from any virus to cling onto your body by boosting its natural defenses.

electric Transition Meal Plan – The electric pHood™ Transition Meal Plan has been designed specifically for anyone who has made a conscious decision or resolution to start eating totally healthy. It is a Class C diet, meaning it includes a combination of raw and cooked whole food vegetable recipes, as well as grains and fruits. There are over 50 recipes which provide all the proteins and minerals necessary to achieve and maintain homeostasis (biochemical balance), while retaining correct weight and body mass index (BMI).

D3™ (one 2-oz bottle) – Most vitamin D3 is obtained from UVB rays from the Sun. Unfortunately UVB is unavailable during the winter months in geographical locations above 35 degrees latitude. This means most people are vitamin D deficient, and must rely on dietary intake. D3 provides all the necessary nutrients to provide the body with sufficient vitamin D3 all year round, to help maintain a strong immune system, a strong skeletal system, and avoid mental and psychological illnesses.

Hopi™ (one 2-oz bottle) – provides the body with L-lysine-enriched nutrients so that it can eliminate all known viruses, reverse digestive inflammation, relieve pain and itching, and calm the enteric and central nervous systems.

Breathe™ (one 2-oz bottle) –  Breathe is “the” great natural option to maintain optimal health throughout the entire respiratory system. It supports a healthy mucous-membrane lining, which begins in your nose and sinuses and continues through your throat, terminating at the alveoli in your lungs. It ensures cleaner air paths for the respiratory tract, bronchial tubes, and passageways throughout the lungs.

Immuno™ (one 2-oz bottle) – The lymphatic system is the body’s internal cleansing system. It is the body’s first line of defense against disease. It is a network of vessels and nodes that transports and filters lymph fluid, which consists of antibodies and lymphocytes. Immuno contains zinc‚ bioflavonoids‚ polyphenols‚ adaptogens‚ and polysaccharides, and is formulated to support your lymphatic and innate immune systems. Ingredients include Lemon balm and elderberry which provide polyphenols‚ anthocyanins‚ and flavonoids that are high in antioxidant properties providing maximum protection to cells within the lymphatic and innate immune systems.

†Also available in 1oz. travel size.


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