The Fat vs. the Facts – The Real WWIII

The Fat vs The Facts
The Fat vs The Facts

Fat is the new F-word – a simple adjective once used to describe a particular body type has now become one of the most offensive things to say about a person – But why?

Sensitivities before science

The simple answer is that people have become too sensitive to criticism in this politically correct climate, and society has not adopted a legitimate way to end obesity. We should be seeking an answer, but instead, we started accepting and even encouraging this problem. As a result, a divide has formed between health advocates who choose to speak up about obesity and the body-positive warriors who demonize them. 

Hence the start of social WWIII: The Fat vs. The Facts.

The facts will clearly show that obesity is killing us, but the fats will argue AGAINST science and claim that you can be obese and still be healthy, which is a fallacy. Today, 70% of adults are obese, there is an obesity epidemic, and The World Health Organization (WHO) tells us that the leading cause of global death is Heart Disease.

The rise in obesity correlates with diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and type two diabetes increasing, and numerous other adverse effects, such as being more susceptible to COVID. 

Instead of tackling obesity issues head-on, society has chosen to accept being fat and the negative health consequences. We should be calling it for what it is, the “Fat Acceptance Movement”, but rather, we have labelled it the “Body Positivity Movement.”

Fat over facts

One of the newest “health” trends in this body positivity movement is known as “HAES” or “Health At Every Size”. HAES claims they are a “movement working to promote size-acceptance, to end weight discrimination and lessen the cultural obsession with weight 

loss and thinness”. Movements like this can be dangerous because they encourage us to accept bad health conditions and punish those who speak out or are against them. HAES then goes on to say that their approach promotes “balanced eating” and “life-enhancing physical activity”, however many of the 400lb advocates of this movement do not follow any of these approaches as a lifestyle.


Can you be healthy regardless of size?

The Fat Acceptance Movement has convinced many people that just because they are not in a wheelchair or on an oxygen tank, they are in perfect health, so instead of taking accountability for our weight and unhealthy lifestyle, we deflect the blame elsewhere. Cases in point would be when sizing does not extend to size 5-X, we get angry at retail companies for not being “size-inclusive”. Or When overweight passengers are charged accordingly for the extra seating they occupy, we boycott airline companies for size discrimination.

A Forbes Magazine article claims retailers are failing the average woman by not stocking larger sizes. In the article, Tina Price-Johnson, 44, said: 

“I am an average size 16 or 18, and I hate clothes shopping. Due to a  disability, I have been on medication for 33 years, affecting my ability to exercise and lose weight”.

Is fat acceptance delusion?


Is fat acceptance a delusion?

In lieu of a pre-existing health condition, how can someone who has not been able to exercise or lose weight for 75% of their life be considered “average”? This is a prime example of how we have accepted obesity as the standard way of living rather than recognizing it as the exact opposite of “balanced eating” and “life-enhancing physical activity.”

Who wins the war?

In this fat acceptance movement, there is only one winner, and it is not the people trying to convince themselves that a size 22 is healthy. The real winners are the ones getting paid through our ignorance. According to Business Insider, the top industries that benefit from obesity are healthcare, pharmaceutical, and fast food.

Instead of just accepting our fatness, we can adopt ways to fight our obesity problem head-on. Cut out processed junk, exercise regularly, and eat nutritionally rich foods. The best way to truly love and appreciate your body is to nurture it and provide it with real food and nutrients. That is real body positivity.


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