Why a “Great Black Detox” is Needed.

An Urgent Cry for the Great Black Detox 

Over the last 200 years, African Americans have struggled for social, economic, and political equality. Although we have made an abundant amount of progress in society, black people are still suffering. Health is the true reflection of the quality of life a person lives, yet despite the echoing claims of us living our best lives, the health of black people is deteriorating. The consistent disparities in the health outcomes of black people show that African Americans are suffering from the worst medical conditions, with higher instances of mortality and life-threatening diseases. African Americans are dying young, and our health is our biggest killer.

Black Diseases and Health Disparities 

Communities of color are diseased at higher rates than any other race. Diseases and conditions like cancer, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, fibroids, and heart disease are so prominent in the black community they are beginning to be seen as “black diseases”. These conditions affect all aspects of black health, from physical to mental to reproductive.


The leading causes of death in black communities are heart disease and cancer. African Americans have the highest mortality rate in cancers compared to other races. Breast cancer, for example, kills more black women than white women, even though white women have significantly higher diagnosis rates for the disease. Incidences of colorectal cancer in African Americans were 18% higher than in whites from 2012 to 2016, while mortality was 38% higher during the same period. 


80% of African American Women are overweight or obese. Obesity can lead to health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and even death. 80% of black women are at risk of developing a serious health condition or dying from one. Black women are also more likely to develop reproductive conditions like fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, and PCOS. 


Over 50% of black men and women over the age of 20 have hypertension, meaning over half of all black people in the US are at risk of a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and heart failure. Black infants have a mortality rate almost twice the national average, showing that black babies are twice as likely to die at birth than other races. From birth, African Americans are at risk of adverse health outcomes.

Why a Great Black Detox is Needed Now

How Did We Get Here? 

The question is, how did we get here? Societal, environmental, and lifestyle factors all play pivotal roles in the current health status of the black community. Social Limitations Years of systematic oppression have left communities of color disenfranchised. Institutionalized racism has corrupted the medical industry that is supposed to protect us. The US medical institution itself was founded on the exploitation of black bodies. African Americans have been experimented on throughout history, and in modern times, doctors still consistently show an implicit bias toward black patients. Black patients are more likely to be dismissed by doctors who often do not believe the severity of their pain.


In many instances, seeing a doctor is not even an option for many African Americans. Poverty among black neighborhoods also plays a factor in the health outcomes of black people. Poor quality education creates a lack of awareness about health conditions in these communities, making them less likely to seek treatment for health issues. Black people are less likely to seek treatment for a health condition when compared to white people. Even if African Americans wanted to seek treatment, the lack of access to health facilities and affordable healthcare in their communities leaves sick people unable to afford treatment. 

In 2017, the number of African Americans without medical insurance was almost double that of white Americans. The food desert plaguing low-income communities of color leaves many black people with few healthy options to nurture their bodies.

Diet and detox to combat poor lifestyle choices lifestyle and to help fight disease

Environmental Toxins 

The environment that we currently live in is toxic. There are toxins in the products we use, the food we eat, the air we breathe, and even the water we drink. These toxins range from excess hormones, carcinogens, and fat, which weaken the immune system. African Americans are predisposed to developing many of the health conditions mentioned. 


Lifestyle Choices 

Most importantly, lifestyle factors contribute to disease and death for African Americans. Tobacco use, alcohol use, minimal physical activity or sedentary behaviors, and lack of UVB radiation (sunlight) can negatively affect the body’s immune system and make African Americans more vulnerable to these “black diseases”. Highly processed foods have no nutritional value and can even fill our bodies with more toxins.

Failures in Allopathic Medicine 

These conditions negatively impact African Americans, and medical treatment is often required. However, many allopathic treatment options such as prescription drugs or surgery only treat the symptoms and not the root cause of these conditions. Sometimes they even run risks of additional side effects, creating a cycle in which you are never fully cured and are constantly reliant on further treatment. These types of medication focus only on managing the issues and easing peripheral symptoms rather than preventing them altogether.

Allopathic Medical Practitioner
Your friendly neighborhood Doctor

Women suffering from PCOS take birth control, which doesn’t cure PCOS, only “sometimes” treats symptoms like heavy bleeding, irregular periods, and cramps. Other treatment options such as a hysterectomy or myomectomy don’t treat the root cause of the issue. They can also lead to unwanted side effects like acne, mood swings, menopause, and infertility. 

Taking Back our Health 

In most cases, African Americans have higher instances of adverse health outcomes and higher mortality. This pandemic is wiping out communities of colour, and the time for black people to reclaim their health is now. It’s time for us to stop relying on allopathic treatment and move toward natural, holistic healing.

Taking Back our Health 
Taking Back our Health 

Electric pHood has taken this approach in developing the Great Black Detox. Our goal at the Great Black Detox is to eliminate all toxins from communities of color. The GBD is more than just a detox. It is a movement created for people of color to heal their minds, body, and spirit.


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