Your Friendly Neighborhood Lying Gynie

Your OBGYN will never tell you that when you have a myomectomy that there is a 50% chance of you needing repeat surgery within 5 years, and that there is a 12% chance that you will require a full hysterectomy within 3 years of the procedure. 

To make matters even worse, there is a massive risk of developing thyroid diseases, breast cancer  or even ovarian cancer, post-hysterectomy or post-myomectomy procedures, respectively.

Your OBGYN will never tell you that over $1Billion is spent on fibroid related surgeries and procedures, and follow-up medication each year, and that he or she banks on your compliance to go through with these unnecessary procedures. Got Fibroids? The Fibroid Elimination Bible is here to put an end to your uterine ignorance and to eradicate the fibroid pandemic. Essence and Eliminate are the most powerful all natural female reproductive herbal formula combinations on the planet that provide your body with essential nutrients to eliminate your fibroids without ever needing surgery.

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